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As an avid golfer, I was truly excited when I purchased my first golf cart. Everyone always loves a new toy, right? But I got frustrated when it came to all the little stuff – my personal items like my phone, sunglasses, balls, wallet, etc. I’d have to dig around for them in the cubbyholes of the cart, I’d leave something there after a round, they would get wet or fall out.

I looked for a solution online, in golf stores and sporting goods stores, no luck. Then came the idea….

What about an organizer that could hold all your personal items, your “stuff” safely and securely within an arm’s reach? Better yet, what if you could transfer it from cart to cart when you play other courses?

After talking to my wife, Sharon, and doing more research, meeting with expert designers and creating prototypes, Dash Caddie was born!  Dash Caddie is your personal portable caddy – no more fumbling around your golf bag, searching the black hole on the dashboard of your cart or leaving your items behind!

We’ve actually even taken DashCaddie a step further: you can use it on the boat with the four suction cups we’ve included. We’ve even had friends use it on tractors and RV’s!

I invite you to learn more about Dash Caddie. Please call or email us with questions.

Jeff & Sharon Duncan, New Bern, NC


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