How Dash Caddie Works

Meet Dash Caddie

Made of high strength, durable ABS plastic, Dash Caddie is a portable organizer and storage solution designed for golf carts and boats. With Dash Caddie, your things are accessible, secure and organized.

3 Easy Mounts:

Steering Column – Easy to use clamp is used to attach to the steering column of your golf cart.

Cup Holders – Portable mounting hardware is easily assembled. Great for rental carts and public courses.

Suction Cups – Four high-strength suction cups allow for easy and secure mounting on flat surfaces, like your boat, RV or tractor.

  • Steering Column Mount

  • Cupholder Mount

  • Suction Cup Mount

  • Steering Column Mount

  • Cupholder Mount

  • Suction Cup Mount

Golf Cart Steering Column Setup

  1. Remove large column from green clamp

  2. Adjust foam as needed for your cart

  3. Insert large and small columns into green clamp

  4. Insert stand into bottom of Dash Caddie

  5. Fasten the clamp around the steering column of your cart

Cupholder Setup

  1. Adjust large column to end of green clamp

  2. Insert the end of the large column into the bottom of Dash Caddie

  3. Insert into cupholder

Boat Setup

  1. Remove the four suction cups from their inset storage positions

  2. Place the suction cups into their outer main positions

  3. Position on your dashboard

  4. Press down on Dash Caddie to secure it to your dashboard

Take Dash Caddie with You

Dash Caddie is easy to remove and disassemble so you can carry it with you.

  1. Close the interlocking lid

  2. Unlatch green clamp from steering column, or remove from cup holder

  3. Optionally stow clamp and columns in their clips under Dash Caddie

Included with your Dash Caddie

  • Steering wheel attachment
  • Cupholder attachment
  • Four suction cups

Product Specs

  • Weight: 4.1 lbs
  • Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 4.5 in
  • Assembled Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 17 in
  • Color: Black with green clamp

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